The Research and Community Service Unit (UPPM) of Politeknik Pembangunan Pertanian (Polbangtan)  Malang is a unit in Polbangtan Malang which is tasked with managing research and community service conducted by Malang Polbangtan lecturers.

The UPPM has a job description as a research unit and community service unit with the hope that the research carried out at the Polbangtan Malang can be immediately utilized by the wider community.
It is also hoped that with the unification the role of UPPM in supporting the realization of the vision of the Malang Polbangtan into a superior Agricultural Development Polytechnic in preparing professional, independent and competitive agricultural human resources to realize food sovereignty and farmers' welfare can be more optimal.

In carrying out its activities, Malang Polbangtan UPPM is under the coordination of Assistant Director I (Academic Affairs) of Polbangtan Malang. The task carried out by UPPM is to facilitate, coordinate and carry out research and community service activities in Polbangtan Malang from the proposal of research, implementation, monitoring to reporting. Based on this task, the main role played by the UPPM is to improve the quality and quantity of research and community service activities in Polbangtan Malang on an ongoing and sustainable basis.