Journal Directory of Politeknik Pembangunan Pertanian Malang is an online journal publishing system based on Open Journal System published by Politeknik Pembangunan Pertanian Malang.

    The Agriekstensia Research Journal is a media of scientific communication and independent of Lecturers, Researchers, Lecturers, and Agricultural Extension. Agriekstensia contains the results of applied social, economic and agricultural research in a broad sense based on the needs of farmers and fishermen. Publish twice a year, in July and December.


    Jurnal Penyuluhan Pembangunan was published to communicate the results of research on improving the quality of human resources in various fields. This journal facilitates researchers, business people, policymakers, academics, extension workers, empowerment actors and those interested in developing science in the fields of education, development, communication, empowerment, sociology, social psychology. Publish twice a year, March and September. Authors can submit articles to editors for further review by Reviewers.

  • Media Inovasi Peternakan

    Media Inovasi Peternakan aims to publish original research results and reviews in Animal Nutrition, Animal Biotechnology, Breeding and Genetics, Animal food science, Animal Products, Animal waste management, Animal behavior and welfare, Livestock farming system, Animal socioeconomic and politic science, Land pasture, Animal Productions system, Animal Microbiology, Animal embryology and reproductions, Animal dairy science, Animal health and public health. Media Inovasi Peternakan publishes every June and November.

  • Prosiding Seminar Nasional dan Internasional

    This proceeding is a product of the National Seminar carried out by Politeknik Pembangunan Pertanian Malang. These proceedings are presented in several parts. First, present the main paper from the seminar speaker. Second, present a companion paper relating to the national seminar sub-theme.

  • Jurnal Latihan OJS

    This journal is only for the benefit of OJS training and Practice in Writing Technique and Scientific Publication Courses in POLBANGTAN Malang